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What’s different about these natural skincare creamnatural skincare creams that eradicate acne, rosacea, redness, spots, tighten sagging skin, zap away wrinkles and sun spots, keratosis, stretch marks and cellulite – even scars that you have lived with a long time – while uncovering youthful, soft, and dewy skin?
Biocutis® skin care products are powered by the ONLY naturally occurring skin care "lotion" or "serum", created by a living creature – with skin very similar to our human skin –, that is already a complete and balanced solution for all your skin concerns.

Read on only if you can commit one minute a day to enjoy a lifetime of healthier silky soft glowing skin…

In our modern life we encounter skin problems that are not the result of environmental issues or accidents but mainly on how we cope with stress and the inappropriate reaction of our own immune system.

Science and dermatologists have been gathering increasing evidence that immoderate inflammation is the main culprit due to the fact that the reaction of our immune system is adapted to the conditions prevalent when we did not live, as we do now, in a highly hygienic environment.

Specifically so with acne breakouts, rosacea or inflammed skin redness, scars (keloid or hypertrophic), ice pick or raised acne scars, stretch marks, folliculitis, skin irritations, dry skin, eczema, dermatitis and other disorders. Immoderate inflammation or chronic inflamm-aging is the main cause of all those.

Problem is the solutions do not come as readily as the new understandings, especially because modulators or inflammation have to go through approval as drugs, and the current state of the art in this pharmaceutical field is plagued by undesired side effects. Just as an example, think of the drug Accutane for recalcitrant cystic acne, or steroid injections for boils, and the absolute contraindication of immune modulators while pregnant or breast feeding...

Fortunately, nature does provide!

Keen observation and a high dose of luck led to the discovery of a naturally occurring immune serum produced by the biological machinery of the innate immune system of a mollusk with skin tissues and structures very similar to human skin. Same that is now changing the benchmark for all skin care products in the market.

Thanks to this discovery we can now easily imagine waking up one morning, glancing at ourselves in the mirror, and see a new younger reflection smiling back at us.

No more puffy bags under your eyes, dark circles or “raccoon eyes”, wrinkled sagging skin, or worries about age spots and the signs of aging skin; the discomfort of keratosis pilaris (chicken skin), pre-cancerous horny actinic keratosis scales, ingrown hairs; or unhealthy unsightly facial or body blemishes.

Results similar to those the serum achieves when it restores health to skin affected by radio-dermatitis.

Radio-dermatitis is the cutaneous inflammatory reaction, and the degenerative changes in the skin following chronic, excessive or therapeutic exposure to radiotherapy ionizing radiation for skin cancer treatment.

Now, what if the same natural skin care ingredient made you feel as if you looked 10 or even 15 years younger? Or when friends you haven’t seen in some time congratulate you because you look so much healthier.

And most importantly, how would you like to find the perfect balance between how you look and the age you feel inside?

It could very well happen to you, now.

I must confess I absolutely love hearing about how people just like you have renewed their appearance and in some cases have even renewed their life. Nothing gives me more satisfaction.

What gets me really excited is that I know it’s possible for you to do the same.

You can remove scars, treat stretch marks, clear acne breakouts, prevent skin damage caused by the cumulative effects of excess solar radiation and free radicals, postpone the signs of aging… all without painful and risky surgery, without collagen or Botox injections, and without spending thousands of dollars in the process.

I understand if you are skeptical. After all, you can hardly pick up a magazine or turn on the television without being bombarded by outrageous false claims, hype and hoopla about how to get rid of skin blemishes or look younger. Frankly, if you’re like me, you’re rather sick of it.

And that’s why I believe you’re going to be very excited when you read what our customers say… and latter what science and dermatologists say about the serum (a watery substance capable of supporting your immune system).

Acne Scars Removal
"I have been using BIOSKINCARE CREAM for two months now and I can't believe the difference. I am excited to wake up every morning and see the changes in my skin. I had deep acne scars and I was considering laser surgery to remove them.

Luckily I found your website first. I started using BIOSKINCARE and after one week I was hooked. I ordered two jars and have been using them faithfully. My scars are almost completely gone and my overall skin looks so much better. Thank you for your wonderful product." Lindsay Bakter. Chicago, IL, US.

The Best Of All Acne Scars Products I've Tried
"The BIOSKINCLEAR product is excellent! It reduces the appearance of scars and eliminates 99% of breakouts! It keeps my skin in better shape than anything else I've tried". -Jeremy P. SC, US.

The Most Effective for Keratosis Treatment
"After uncomfortable and repeated treatments with dermatologists, your BIOBIO SKIN TREATMENTSKIN keratosis pilaris treatmentTREATMENT product is the MOST EFFECTIVE I've experienced for keratosis. I have extensive areas on my arms and legs and the results are amazing!" Suzanne K. GA, US.

Clears Acne & Removes Acne Scars
"I am 26 years old. In High School I never had acne problems. It wasn't until I reached my early twenties that it became a problem. As years past, I tried over the counter products and then went to a doctor. He prescribed medication that had little effect. I searched the internet and tried several remedies. I was at the end of my rope. I was depressed and would cry often about the way my skin looked. I was miserable. I was too ashamed to go anywhere without make up.

I stumbled onto your website and after reading about what it does and reading the testimonials I decided to give it a try. Just after a week I could tell it was having an effect on my skin. My skin was clearing and it was smoother than it has been in years. Three months later, the scar cream has just about cleared all of my acne scars, cleared my acne and even cleared a keloid scar I had from a car accident two years ago!

My boyfriend also has commented on my skin and says it looks great. I can leave the house without a pinch a make up and not feeling like hiding! I love your product!!! Thank you for your help!!! Charlene Mayo. Houston, Texas, USA"

Remove Scars on Face and It Is Removing Acne
"Your cream truly delivers what it says it can do. I have never found anything (and I tried ALOT of things) that could heal my face as well and quickly as your product. I had doubts when I first purchased it, but it has definitely performed (and so beautifully) above and beyond my expectations!! Send me some more!" Karen M Gensheimer. IN, USA.

Sensitive Skin & Keloid Treatment
"The BIOSKINREPAIR is the only such cream that I can use on my sensitive skin without a reaction. I've been using it for a while now and seen effects on the treatment of my keloid scars. It's also excellent as a skin moisturizer and to relieve burning dry skin. A great product. Thanks." Mr. G Pelley. United Kingdom

Prevent Unsightly Ingrown Hairs and Irritation from Shaving
"BIOSKINRELIEF is a great product! I am a white male who has suffered from painful, unsightly ingrown hairs from shaving for years. Until now, I've never been able to find anything to prevent them. I've been using BIOSKINCARE for about 5 months, and I rarely get ingrown hairs anymore and if I do get any, they are a lot milder than they used to be and heal much more quickly. My face now gets much less irritated from shaving and my complexion has greatly improved. Thanks! Ben Campbell. Texas, USA"

Remove Surgery Scars After Accident That Resulted in Severe Trauma
"About two months ago my very beautiful 25 year old daugther was involved in a motorcycle accident which resulted in severe trauma to her right arm.  Surgery restored the use of her arm, but the incisions and stitches were awful! Once the stitches were removed, we began using BIOSKINCARE. 

It has only been two weeks but the difference in the appearance of the scaring is dramatic!  I'm always leary of products that make claims such as yours but I was desparate to restore my daughter's physical appearance. I can't thank you enough for the outstanding results we've gotten so far - and in such a short time.  Even her surgeon can't believe how well she's healing!  Thank you again and I'm ordering another two jars today! Sincerely, Trish Archambault, Windham NH, USA"

Scar Treatments For Over 25 Years With No Success Until Now...
"I have been treated for keloids on my chest for over 25 years with no success. I have two keloids that have growned from the size of a pimple to over three and five inches long. In fact they look like large fingers setting on my chest. A second keloid is one inch. I am on my second bottle of your scar cream and very pleased. The one inch keloid has disappeared. The other two no longer itch, and I have peeled away several layers of dead skin. I only wish that I took before and after pictures. The change is very dramatic." Frank McBride. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Remove Acne Spots And Scars
"I have had acne for several years and although the pimples would come and go, they would always leave these red marks on my face that took forever to go away. I was also left with some minor scarring on my face. I have always tried over the counter medicines to try to prevent acne and I have never had much success. I've tried just about everything. About two months ago, I did a search on the internet to see what other people were doing to get rid of their acne problems, and if they were having any success.

Eventually I found this web site and I thought I'd give it a try. So here I am two months later and I am very happy with the results. I still have to take some oral medicine to combat my acne break-outs, but BIOSKINCARE helps out so much in the battle. The red spots no longer stay on my face for long periods of time, my skin is so much smoother, and my scars have almost all disappeared. I plan to keep using BIOSKINCARE because I am very excited with the progress that has happened". F. C. NM, USA

Fade Stretch Marks And Skin Tone Is More Blended
"I have been using your product for stretch marks removal for 5 months now. I have used many products prior to this which only claimed to fade stretch marks - non of which worked or justified their expensive costs. This miracle BIO BODY CREAM has faded my stretch marks a great deal and I can hardly feel them ( and the skin tone is more blended). I have every faith that with continued use this cream will remove them. Every jar is worth every penny". Zara Hussain. UK

Burn Scar Treatment Lotion
"I have been using BIOSKINCARE on my son for 5 weeks and my husband and I have noticed a dramatic difference in the texture and appearance of his skin. My son is two and a half years old and suffered a third degree burn to his right shoulder after pulling a kettle of boiling over himself when he was 20 months old! Thank you for your miraculous cream and for putting a smile back on our faces again! You have created wonders for us so far, hence I feel devoted to you! With many thanks and best wishes! Maeve Quinn". United Kingdom.

After Accident Helps 3rd Degree Burns & Skin Grafts
"My son had a very bad auto accident 3 years ago w/3rd degree burns on both hands - he's had skin grafts and his hands often bleed or get irritated - I ordered 1 jar and he is very happy w/results (he's 23 years old and a senior in college) he went through a terrible time and it's good to know your product helps him. Mary Beth Miller". Connecticut, USA.

Cystic Acne Treatment & Acne Scars Disappearing
I am 32 years old. I have been suffering from cystic acne that started about a year ago, but has worsened in the last 4 months. I have tried almost everything except medication (since my husband & I are trying to conceive). Fortunately, I found BIOSKINFORTE through an internet search. My scars are disappearing! The texture of my skin has totally improved & the outbreak of acne cysts has dramatically decreased. This is all in just 1 1/2 months of using the product. I have also used it on an insect bite that was taking months to heal. Within 1 week it was healed & scar almost vanished. Now my husband uses one of your products too. He hasn't had any ingrown facial hairs since. Thank You! M.S. New York.

What is the mysterious secret ingredient in BIOCUTIS skin care products that creates such amazing results?

It is a skin care "solution" created by a little creature that thrives with its skin exposed to the sun rays. You may have stumbled upon this little creature in your backyard, if you live in those parts of the world with Mediterranean weather. Maybe you even noticed it has a skin with the same structural elements that our skin is made of: collagen, elastin, and all the molecules our skin matrix is made of.

But his modus operandi when its skin or even some of its organs are damaged by injuries and/or attacked by micro-organisms or predators is quite different than the strong inflammatory reaction of our immune system.

Instead it copiously produces the ONLY natural fluid substance created by a living creature —as a complete and balanced innate immune response and the result of its beautiful evolutionary drift— to moisturize its skin deeply and effectively, protect it from the effects of UV radiation and free radicals with antioxidants and from pathogens with antimicrobial peptides. And restore the integrity of its skin by the action of the molecules it produces, within its own cells, by triggering an orderly regeneration of whatever cells and tissues may be damaged.

For human skin, it does something similar. It strengthens the body's ability to ingest and kill infectious microbes or dead/dying cells and reinforces the production and the action of the antimicrobial peptides that our own skin secretes.

But wait, it doesn't stop there, it also surprisingly restores balance to skin disturbed by internal hormonal disorders. These include rosacea, and acne when skin is affected by inflammed lesions or injuries inflicted to the cells lining the sebum canals due to hardened sebum or the shear forces of sudden outflow of sebum.

It helps to heal wounds and reduces scars from accidents and hazards like no man made scar cream.

And, it is a powerful antioxidant that takes care of damage inflicted by toxins from environmental pollution, damaging UV radiation, or chemicals.

A Complex Compound Made by The Most Sophisticated Lab On Earth

The biological ingredient created inside the cells of this little creature is a complex compound of sugar chains or glycans (from glukus, the Greek word for sweet), soluble proteins, enzymes, peptides, oligoelements (Cu, Zn, Ca, Fe) and co-enzymes.

Even though the macromolecules that act as nano-machines to clean, repair, revitalize, rehydate and regenerate skin cells and skin structures are well appreciated for their important biological functions, they are so complex that are still impossible to synthesize even in the most sophisticated biochemical laboratory.

The way this complex ingredient works is the field of study of the new "Sweet Science of GlycoBiology", interested in the crucial role of glycoconjugates in the transmission of important biochemical signals into and among cells and how they guide the cellular communication that is essential to orchestrate normal cell and tissue development, proper physiological functioning, and to avoid abnormal tissues (keloid scars and other skin disorders) and skin diseases.

We tell you all about the natural skin treatment properties of this substance at this link: skin care ingredients.

But first a warning... for some people viscerally react to such forms of life with disgust. Others learn after the fact to be wiser as they can not be grateful enough for the blessings such humble natural solutions provide. Should we remind the blessings and beauty or silkworms, oysters (of the same family of mollusks as snails are according to zoologists), and bees, to name just a few?

Performs for human skin something similar to what it does for its creator:

• Triggers cell turnover and the BIOSYNTHESIS of healthy cells

• Increases the numbers and activity of Fibroblasts (the skin’s generators of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which counteract the signs of aging skin).

• Builds the underlying architecture of the skin.

• Dissolves or “digests” denatured, damaged or dying cells, actinic keratoses scales, abnormal keratin plugs, and removes scar tissues by releasing their amino-acids and other components for the rebuilding of healthy molecules to replace blemished skin

• Supports skin's recovery capabilities

• Provides anti-oxidant activity against skin damaging free radicals

• Acts as an anti-inflammatory

• Stimulates an orderly scar repair and regeneration of damaged and sun burned skin cells

• Promotes the proliferation of the water holding carbohydrate molecules within the skin solving all dry skin care concerns

• Enhances the capability of skin to secrete antimicrobials and control microbes

The little creature is from the Phylum Mollusca, class gastropoda, known to zoologists by the scientific latin names Helix Aspersa Müller or Crystomphalus Aspersa, and also as the humble brown garden snail.

The land helix, or snail, has been used in medicine since antiquity. Hippocrates himself even recognized the special healing properties of snail secretions. Since the 19th century there has been a renewed interest in the pharmaceutical and medical use of snails, particularly for dermatological applications.

A Solution That Has Always Been Before Our Eyes

But the most common purpose for raising snails in modern times has been for food. That is, until a snail farm in Chile noticed that their snail handlers had exceptionally smooth hands, and any cuts or abrasions to their hands healed unusually quickly and without scars.

A scientific breakdown of the components in the snails’ secretion or serum showed an extraordinary combination of natural substances that have beneficial healing properties. When applied to human skin, snail serum triggers and contributes to the natural healing process of damaged skin – it helps to protect the skin and prevent further damage.

Snails are really remarkable little creatures. Think about it – a snail’s shell protects it when it’s being attacked. But what lets the snail’s sensitive body tolerate, under natural conditions, the stress of oxygen transformed into biotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) as it arouses to tissue reoxygenation in an atmosphere plenty of oxygen gas after estivation or hibernating? What protects its skin while it crawls over rough terrain, sharp rocks or even broken glass?

The fluid that snail secretes has to protect the snail’s skin from free radicals, the radiation of the sun, from cuts, abrasions, bacteria... It helps the snail rejuvenate its shell if it is ever cracked or broken and even helps regenerate it's tentacles, even most of it's own eyes and mouth when bitten by birds. It’s the 'miraculous' properties of snail serum that make Biocutis skincare products "nature’s gift for healthy skin".

Ecological, Sustainable, Organic, Purely Natural with NO Side Effects

The snail serum used in BIOCUTIS® skin care products is gathered very humanely from the snails – the process of obtaining their secretions does not harm the snails at all. At the Biocutis labs, we then take that pure snail serum and add all-natural ingredients to create a soothing fragrance-free, hypoallergenic cream. There are no harsh chemicals or additives.

BIOCUTIS® all natural skin care products are so pure that they can be used by babies and octogenarians alike – with absolutely NO side effects! Simply apply Bioskincare cream gently with your fingertips. Wait ten minutes for the beneficial ingredients to infuse your skin cells and then apply your makeup as usual. It’s that easy!

BIOCUTIS® serum and creams are the only natural skin care products that are NOT a concoction of chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals, but rather the embodiment in creams and a serum of a complex substance found in Nature that is created by a living being expressly to protect and – here’s the most important part – regenerate its skin.

Scientific Validation & Supporting Evidence


The secretion has antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione-S-transferase (GST) activities as well as multiple modes of antioxidant action, acting at the level of free radical production and also sequestering free radicals.

In addition, it stimulates fibroblast proliferation and rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton of cells.

Fibroblasts are responsible for the reproduction of all the structures and cells of healthy skin and are potent immunoregulatory cells that play an important rol in wound healing and skin regeneration.

Additional mechanisms involved in the regenerative effect of the secretion include the stimulation of extracellular matrix assembly and the action of regulatory proteins known as Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases (TIMPs) responsible for the reversible inhibition of metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymatic activities, which limits the extent of the damage during wounding and scar formation and attenuates the signs of skin aging by reducing the degenerative effects of excessive MMP activity.

Together, these effects provide an array of molecular mechanisms underlying the secretion's induced cellular regeneration and supports its use in skin regeneration treatments, dry skin care, aging skin care and the effective repair of the degenerative changes in the skin that follow from chronic, excessive or therapeutic exposure to ionizing radiation for skin cancer (radiotherapy).

For full pdf file of article click: skin regenerative properties

What Customers Say?

Keloid Scar Removal

My keloid acne scars haven't completely dissapeared from my back and chest with two jars but they have reduced in size and have become less 'dense'. I'm [ordering two more jars] hoping that it won't take much longer! Zachary Stowasser. CA, USA.

Reduce Keloid Scars

Just another customer who has tried everything for keloid scars is simply saying thanks again, and again, and again... Floyd Pennington, Mo, USA.

It keeps my face glowing, and looking radiant!

I am a repeat customer. I am placing this larger order for my cousin as well as for myself. I like your product for my face! It helps prevent big blemishes from forming. I still get minor small ones, but not the large zits! Also, it keeps my face glowing, and looking radiant! Thanks. Marissa Lazar. California, USA

I would not live without the BIOSKINCARE product.

My skin is so much clearer, smoother and young looking. Sally Lusk. PA, USA.

Has helped the under-eye area look younger and the acne scars...

I really love the BIOSKINCARE cream. This is my second order and I feel like it has helped the under-eye area to look younger and some of the acne scars on my face are beginning to fade. Helen Warren. TX, USA.

My skin is brighter, clearer, smoother....actually younger looking.

I have been using your BIOSKINCARE cream for 5 weeks. My skin is brighter, clearer, smoother....actually younger looking. Yes, I would say it has a glow.....and I'm hooked and just finished ordering more jars.

Skin Care for Stretch Marks Removal

I love this cream!! I've had stretch marks since I was 13...I grew a foot in a year and my skin could not handle it. I thought I was never going to have smooth skin on some areas of my body again!! This cream is the only thing that has EVER WORKED! I now have my mother using it. I can't say enough wonderful things about it!  Ellen Pfleuger. New York.

Excellent for Scar Care & Wrinkles

Excellent product for scar care and wrinkles. I have been using your product for 3 months now, and the results are quite astounding. I am actually ordering for friends now, as you can tell by the number of orders I have placed with you in the last three months. Thank you for a great product. Cameron Templar. NY, USA.

Dermatologists said nothing could be done for keloids...

My surgical keloid scars are slowly disappearing, and no new growth in their place. I guess the operative term is, 'SLOWLY'; but then that can probably be attributed to our modern desire for the instant fix. And, being that I was repeatedly told by 'medical authorities' that nothing could be done and that I just had to live with keloids, I really can't complain. I wonder if the healing has really slowed down (my perception) or if it's just impatience. Really appreciate the absence of pain and sensitivity in the area as the healing progresses. David Starks. NY, USA.

Burn Scar Removal

I have used two jars of your scar cream so far on 9 yr old burn scars and grafts on my face and neck. I have seen a difference in the color and texture. The old dead skin is slowly peeling away. I can't wait for my next order. Shawn L. Barkley. CA, USA.

Skin Care Product Really Works

This product really works, over the period of about a month this product really cleared up my acne and dramatically smoothed my skin and reduced my scars. Mrs J Noble. Fife, United Kingdom.

Acne Scarring Removal

I have only been using your product for a short time (for acne scarring and wrinkles) however, my skin is definitely getting tighter. I am very anxious to continue use and see if your product helps my acne scarring and fine lines. I have used many products and none have given me such results... including prescription topical medications! Jean Ianniti. Rhode Island, USA.

Continued improvement on keloid scars, also in the wrinkles around my eyes

I have been using the cream religiously. My scars were of keloid type and very disfiguring and source of tremendous embarrassment. I continue to see improvement not only in my scars, but also in the wrinkles around my eyes (crow's feet) and reduced laugh lines. I have recommended your product to my people and they are all passing the word on this miracle product! They are not words to convey my immeasurable gratitude to you for making this unique product available at a reasonable price. Keep on the good work! CRH in San Diego, CA, USA.

Is Healing Stretch Marks and a Surgical Scar is Fading

This is my 2nd jar. I want to make sure I have one when I finish the first. I am impressed with this product. The first night I used it on my stretch marks I felt a gentle 'itching' like when something is healing. I can see results already. I have used the very expensive Strivectin, I think it's called. That is good, but this somehow is better because I am using it also on a surgical scar that nothing would help. I see already part of the scar has faded. I have tried everything to get rid of it. Barbara Kafka. New York.

WOW!!! I am truly impressed by this product.

I have been using it for over a month now, and my skin has barely been breaking out at all. The large red spots, and pitted scars are disappearing, and I think that in time they may actually be gone forever. Thank you so much for producing this product, and give your little snails a pat on the back for me. Alexis Stafford. British Columbia, Canada.

I know that BIOSKINCARE helps me.

The front of my nose is all scar tissue; and your cream has faded the scar to the point that it is just a shadow now. I met a new girl the other night because now I can go out without worry. God Bless your little snails... Adam B. California, USA.

BIOCUTIS® skin products range includes all-natural solutions for acne treatment, chicken pox scar removal, keloid scars, immediate scar care, old scars treatment, stretch marks, blemishes, redness, skin irritation, skin dryness, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris, actinic keratosis, wrinkles, sun damage and more...

Rid yourself of your worst skin problems without the expense and danger of surgical treatments. Biocutis skin care products provide smart skin care and skin rejuvenation. The perfect daily skin care treatment cream for a blemish-free complexion – even for the most sensitive skin.

How to remove scars on skin or other skin blemishes with the cream?

Apply the cream that best suits your specific skin concern twice a day to dramatically diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne red marks, skin irritation, rosacea redness, keratosis pilaris or actinic keratosis scales, keloid scars, skin dryness and to restore balance & health to skin afflicted by most skin problems.

Biocutis products are not just moisturizing creams, they are regenerative treatments for the skin that we guarantee will work for you. A little further below we explain what specific skin concern each of our formulas addresses.

Moisturizes skin & relieves dryness from use of Accutane and Acne Drugs
BIOSKINCARE relieves the peeling, dryness, burning, itching and other side effects on the skin of Accutane, other brands of isotretinoin drugs, and Differin, Retin A, trans retinoic acid and vitamin A as in Tazorac. Unlike most topical products our skin care products can be used in conjunction with drugs and with antibiotics when they are prescribed for severe acne breakouts. Thus, you do not have to wait to be free of active acne to begin treating acne scarring while on Accutane.

Specialty skin treatment products

BIOCUTIS® skincare range uses differing concentrations of the biological active ingredient combined with different and pure botanicals that enhance results in specific areas and act in synergy to provide a complete and balanced solution for specific skin treatment needs.

Please look at the benefits of our special skin care products range further below, and click on the product's image, on the links or here: skin treatment if you feel a product may be better suited to address your more specific skin condition. If still unsure you are welcome to contact us by email or to call us.

Suggestions & Brief Guideline:

Nourish, Moisturize, Protect, Repair and Renew Your Skin with BIOSKINCARE CREAM

A deeply moisturizing natural skin care cream that triggers the regeneration of damaged cells while preventing and removing scars, keratosis, psoriasis scales and all types of skin blemishes. It also nourishes and replenishes the lipid barrier of the skin.

This skincare cream diminishes imperfections and achieves silky soft skin with a routine skin care regimen. It is best for facial skin that is in part oily and in parts dry; besides relieving dry skin. It is also excellent after radiotherapy, chemotherapy, glycolic acid or chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

50 grams (1.76 oz) $69.98
Two month's supply 20% off

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BIOSKINCLEAR works better for mild acne breakouts, and for rosacea if you have very oily skin; while if you suffer from rosacea and have dry skin the right product for you is BIOSKINBALM. For acne and rosacea with oily skin see: Acne Gel, Rosacea & Scar Treatment
50 gram (1.76 oz)
Airless Pump Bottle $59
20% off for two month's supply
BIO-ACNE-CARE is for moderate acne. It contains ingredients that act in concert to heal acne scars and remedy & keep acne away, including willow bark extract a source of natural salycilic acid that unblocks pores and has none of the irritating side effects of synthetic salicylic acid (but to go on the safe side you should not use it if you are allergic to aspirin).
50 Grams
Airless Pump Bottle
Regular Price: $59
20% off for two or more.
BIOSKINFORTE is a sweet but strong solution for stubborn acne breakouts and acne cysts that have not been amenable to other treatments. Contains our biological serum plus several botanicals that act to eliminate all the causes of acne, including a depletion or deficiency of certain fatty acids which triggers inflammatory responses that damage skin cells and cause scarring. It also has strong antimicrobial botanicals that get rid of uncontrolled acne bacteria.
50 grams (1.76 oz) $69.98
BIOSKINEXFOL is a home microdermabrasion cream. Our microdermabrasion cream contains the same base as in BIOSKINCARE with added microcrystals to gently polish away and remove old and hypertrophic scars left behind by an accident or surgery; old, rough or ice-pick acne scars; or old stretch marks. It also resurfaces dull, worn out & thick skin and quickly takes away for good those horny actinic keratosis scales caused by overexposure to the sun radiation early in life.
120 grams (4 oz)
Two to three month's supply
BIO BODY CREAM for body scars and the prevention and removal of new stretch marks. It is not recommended for facial application because it contains a higher content of our biological active ingredient, Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates than do BIOSKINCARE or BIOSKINCLEAR. This difference results in a thicker cream that leaves behind a thin protective film on the applied area.
120 grams (4 oz)
Two month's supply
BIOSKINREJUVENATION is recommended to diminish -day by day- age spots, dark blotches, sun damage hyperpigmentation, or melasma. It also has many skin rejuvenation benefits
50 gram (1.76 oz) $79
BIOSKINBALM is for rosacea and/or very dry skin, eczema & dermatitis; also to strengthen mature skin and fragile skin or as a night recovery cream.
50 gram (1.76 oz) $75.98order
BIOBODYSLIM: solves the problem of cellulite by addressing the root cause That is by reinforcing the delicate net-like connective tissue fibers too fragile to withhold the fat deposits in the areas where you are prone to cellulite where they belong, within the dermis.
120 gram (4 oz) $79.98
BIOSKINREPAIR scar cream works best for shrinking itchy keloid scars and for the reduction of hypertrophic scars. It contains the same base cream as in BIOSKINCARE and two additional botanical ingredients that relieve itching and inhibit the formation of blood vessels within keloid scar tissues. More details on this new keloid scar product at Bio Skin
50 gram (1.76 oz) $84.95 order
BIOSKINRELIEF works best for skin irritations caused by various methods of hair removal. It contains an anti-irritant botanical ingredient besides all the ingredients in BIOSKINCARE. More details about this new addition, designed to better serve not only more specifically men's skincare and shaving problems but also ladies discomfort with hair removal, at Bio Skin
50 grams (1.76 oz) $69.95 order
BIOSKINTREATMENT works best for both keratosis pilaris and actinic keratosis scales. It contains a good dose of willow bark extract which is a natural source of salycilic acid. This contributes to the keratolitic effect of the skin treatment cream helping to eliminate keratin plugs, debris, toxins, and all damaged skin tissues characteristic of keratosis pilaris and actinic keratosis.
2 oz bottle $60.00
BIOSKINREVITALIZER is our most intense skin treatment product. It is a serum with the highest concentration of our biologically active ingredient combined with a stable form of Vitamin C, Seaweed Extracts (source of minerals) and Hyaluronic Acid (deep moisturizer).

We made this skin revitalizing treatment formulation after we discovered that combining the snail secretions with Vitamin C gets them to act in synergy as an intense skin revitalizing treatment for sensitive skin prone to allergies, or dull, tired, sagging, photodamaged skin.

It also repairs skin damage caused by oxidative stresses from dermatology treatments such as peeling, laser, and from high solar radiation exposition (photoaging), use of dermatology drugs like retinoids, environmental pollution and toxins, or toxins from tobacco.

Also for facial skin that has been taking more than its fair share of abuse or has been under serious drugs or harsh treatments, and might be crying for your help.

This intense skin serum works best when used in combination with one of our BIOSKIN creams. Please click here skin treatment or check at the shopping cart to see our special offers. For recommended combinations and their multiple skin benefits see www.Bio Skin
30 ml bottle $99.98

Try BIOCUTIS SKINCARE PRODUCTS now, and get your skin healthy and beautiful again, quickly!
BIOCUTIS skin treatment products
Check what we have in store for your skin condition or specific concern. There is a complete and balanced 100% natural skincare solutions for every skin ailing, and you can choose the one that is best for you. Start with a click here: skin treatment products.

The easiest way to remain graceful and enjoy healthy skin


Keloids & Folliculitis. "The back of my scalp has be overrun by keloids and folliculitis. I have been seeing a doctor and treating this condition for about 5 years with very minimal results. I have been using this product for about 2 months and close to 60% of the keloids are gone or noticeably smaller. The Folliculitis also seems to be healing. Thanks for a scar remover that does what it says it will do." Jack D Willm. Wyoming, USA.

Keratosis Pilaris. "Helps better than ANYTHING we have tried for our daughter's keratosis pilaris condition". Steve Demarte. NC, USA.

Skin Becomes Softer, More Supple & Hydrated. "I've been using BIOSKINCARE for months now and I LOVE it!! I have seen my skin become softer and more supple and hydrated, which it hasn't been since I was a teenager! I have gotten amazing results as far as blemishes go. My skin is more clear and I really only get breakouts during my 'time-of-the-month' and even then it is very minor. I'm so thankful to have a product to keep my skin looking good that isn't filled with chemicals. Don't ever stop making this product! " Sara Wood, WA, USA.

Dry Skin Cream "After my first purchase I am now hooked. Your BIOSKINCARE cream works wonders for acne and scars. It makes the healing time faster and works well on my dry skin. Meri L Kirchen". CA, USA.

Acne Rosacea On My Nose Is Impossible to See Now. "Thought I would let you know that after using the cream for two months the acne rosacea on my nose is now impossible to see but I can still feel a bit of it. My nose now looks like it did before I got the first rhinophyma in 1999. What is more my brother reports from New Zealand that after only two weeks his nose, which is much worse than mine, has lost much of its redness and this is only after two weeks use. I have been using the product for two months. The acne scars on my forehead have reduced dramatically and can now be concealed with only the Jane Iredale mineral powder. No longer need the camouflage cream. I put a mention of this on the Female board yesterday because that is where I discovered your product. I will also drop a line to my dermatologist." Dorothea Glover. England

Acne Scars Are Dissapearing Right Before My Eyes. "This product is simply amazing!! I found your website on the Internet one night when I decided I just couldn't deal with my acne scars any longer. After reading all the testimonials and a description of the product, I decided to give it a try... and I am so happy I did! The results don't happen overnight, but they do happen and my skin is smoother than I ever could have imagined. My acne scars are disappearing right before my very eyes, and my skin in general just looks much brighter and clearer than it ever did before. I definitely plan on using this cream for a long, long time! Thank you very much!! "Mary Kebel Washington D.C.

Network of Keloids Have Reduced Significantly. "I have a network of keloid scars on the beared area. There are so many and very big. About 7 days of using your product I saw a significant change to the scaring things on my face. Now after 6 weeks of using it the keloids have stopped growing and actually reduced size significantly." Stephen Musarurwa. United Kingdom.

Facial Scars Diminishing "I began the treatment back in Febuary 2007, and started noticing a difference after two weeks, and I am almost at the end of my second jar (April 30), and my facial scars are really diminishing. I am very thankfull to have found Bioskin care. Thank you indefinitely!!" Renay A., New-Brunswick, Canada

Has Improved My Skin By Drastic Measures While on Accutane®. "I love your product. It really improved my skin by drastic measures when I used it with Accutane. I continued to use BIOSKINCARE after my treatment and have had nothing but compliments on how beautiful my skin is! I am now going to conquer my stretchmarks. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you."Cindy M. Coquitlam, Canada.

I get told all the time now that my skin looks great, and they want to know my secret... "I have used every kind of prescription/nonprescription skincare product, and many costing well over $200 per small bottle/tube. This product is amazing, not only does it treat all my skin issues, but my skin looks/feels amazing. In my field of work it is important to look good, and now I have finally found a product that actually works. I get told all the time now that my skin looks great, and they want to know my secret...BIOSKINCARE". Robert Nissen. Arizona, USA.

Removing scars on face and removing acne. I'm onto my fourth jar for acne & scars. I love your product. Nothing else has worked so effectively while being so gentle. I'm grateful to all of snailkind. A. Bekeny, CA, USA.

Excellent product delivers everything it promises. I am also using on my my old cat's (19yrs) right ear; cat's left ear was removed due to sun damage which caused sarcoma. It has kept his remaining ear from getting worse. You can only imagine how gratifying it is to be able to help my old and very dear pet be more comfortable. Linda Lucas. Toronto, Canada.

Seeing Great Results By Using the Product with the Antibiotic Minocin. I am using the product in conjunction with the antibiotic minocin and I've never seen such great results from any other product. I've struggled with breakouts since the fifth grade and I am now 32. In the last 3yrs. I developed cystic acne which is very damaging to the skin. BIOSKINCARE is the answer to my prayers, the results were so fast, I've also noticed a change in old acne scars. I am grateful for finding this product. I highly recommend this to everyone.  Vicki W. Weedville, PA, USA

I bought a jar of this for my son a few months ago, and I am pleased with the results. For a year we have tried antibiotics and many topical drugs with no lasting results. I did not want him to take Accutane. Thank you for producing this. It has been the only thing I have ordered by internet which has worked. Judy Flaherty. PA, USA

I have had outstanding results from this product. I had bad acne for many, many years. After I started using BIOSKINCARE, my face totally cleared up and in using it everyday I do not break out anymore. I have had numerous compliments on my skin from people who knew what my skin looked like before. Jeanette Arredondo. CA. USA

I have oily skin with a mild case of rosacea. The Bioskinbalm has reduced both the redness & oiliness. I had a few small spider veins which are fading after only a months time. I had previously tried many products & nothing ever worked. Thank you for a great product. Cheryl Bruney - Dublin, OH, US.

I love using this product. My skin is sensitive and nothing on the market comes close to making my skin look and feel beautiful. People always tell me how lovely my skin appears. Thank you. Tommie Baskis - Golconda, IL ,US.

That little snail is a miracle from God! I love this product. I have never been so impressed with ANY skin care product and I have used them all including Lancombe, Clinique, Neutrogena, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder. Keep it coming! That little snail is a miracle from God! Shirley Randall, KY, USA

I love this product! I've been using it for six weeks now, two to three times daily. I've been very impressed with the results. I was horribly self-conscience because I have a few acne scars around my chin. They are much less visible after using the cream. Not only that, but I have noticed sun spots clearing as well, and my pores are so much smaller. My complexion hasn't looked this good in years! I have dreaded the coming of summer for a few years now, never wanting anyone to see me in direct sunlight due to the scarring. Now, I don't even think about it anymore. Such a boost of confidence. Thank you for creating this miracle cream! Stacy. Peachtree City, Georgia, USA.

Scars are looking smoother & I have had no breakouts. I have been using BIOSKINCARE cream now for 3 months and am happy with the improvements on my skin. Not only have I noticed the scars are looking smoother, but I have had no breakouts in the last month. I have had tried laser treatments and micro dermabrasion, and used products like Retin A micro, which just made my skin red and scaley, but the BIOSKINCARE cream is much easier on the skin. I am buying my third jar of BIOSKINCARE and know I will continue seeing big improvements in my skin, thanks so much for this great cream! Michelle Stewart. CA, USA.

Removal of Stretch Marks. I just wanted to thank you guys for selling this cream. I have been living with stretch marks since I was 10 years old and have found it a bit depressing come summer time when everyone is pulling out their bikinis. I started using the cream last November and was applying it three times a day. As I finished my fourth bottle, I decided to take some time off since it had already faded my marks so drastically. Amazingly, they were still fading two months after my last use, so I assume using it once every other day will suffice. Plus, I love the fact that it is not greasy like other creams that I've tried. Thank you so much for this cream. Not only do I feel sexier, but my husband can't stop buying me lingerie. If you ever need a testimonial, I'd be happy to share my story. Once again, thanks for giving me self confidence. Lea R. Brown. USA.

Hypertrophic Scar Improvement. I am really happy with your cream. After using your product for about 2 months, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my hypertrophic scars. Finally something that works! Lise Gallant, Quebec, Canada.

Healing Skin Blisters of Aged Skin. I am using BIOSKINCARE cream on my aged aunt's skin, which was covered in blistering type eruptions. She had been under the hospital for a long time and anything they had given her had just not worked. With the use of this cream, the general quality of her overall skin has improved to the point of eruptions practically disappearing. She only has a few persistent ulcer type areas which are taking a long time to improve, although there is some improvement. Rose Mary Barnt. Hertfordshire, UK

Acne Scar Treatment. I've used the cream for about 5 months now, and I must say I'm amazed with the results. I visited my Dermatologist before I started using the product and he was talking about plastic surgery to reduce my acne scars. Now after 5 months of using the cream I just visited my dermatologist last week, he send me home with the message that there was no need for me to have surgery. Of course because of the intensity of the Acne I had, my skin will never be as it was, but it sure has improved that much that I feel fine with what I've achieved with the cream. I'll keep using it, its definitely worth it!! Arno Schuurhof, Overijssel, The Netherlands.

Aging Skin Care. This product has helped me to retain a clear, smooth & firm complexion despite my progressing age. Joan Erwin, New York City.

Wrinkles under and around the Eyes and Lines under Lips
I have used this product and it is great for the lines above the lip. The lines have disappeared. And it is great for the wrinkles under and around the eyes. Patricia Ciccone. PA, USA.

Very Dry Skin & Sun Spots. I love BIOBIO SKIN REJUVENATIONSKIN age spot treatmentREJUVENATION... I got it to relieve my very dry skin and now I can see how it gets rid of sun spots. I also feel my face much smoother and younger looking!!! It's fantastic!!! Sally Richard. NC, USA.

Reduces Old Acne Scars - Pock Marks, Pitts, Ice Pick Scars
I have been using BIOSKINCARE for about 3 weeks and have seen a dramatic change in the appearance of my skin. I use it mainly for old acne scars. I have had acne since I was twelve and used Accutane® which helped but the acne scars have been there for twenty years. Until now, I have found a miracle cream that reduces the pock marks, pitts, ice pick scars, and evens my skin tone. I know the process maybe slow for older scars but what can you expect from a product made from snails. Ha!ha! I will continue to use BIOSKINCARE as my skin gets better everyday. Patrick Chua. CA, USA

May you stay graceful and enjoy a healthy future!

Aileen Fitzharris and The Biocutis Team

Last modified: October 20, 2011

Try BIOCUTIS SKINCARE PRODUCTS now, and get your skin healthy and beautiful again, quickly!
BIOCUTIS skin treatment products
Check what we have in store for your skin condition or specific concern. There is a complete and balanced 100% natural skincare solutions for every skin ailing, and you can choose the one that is best for you. Start with a click here: skin treatment products.
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Abate = block, bring to an end, arrest, cease, cure, decline, decrease, diminish, make disappear, end, fade away, fetter, finish, halt, impede, lessen, minimize, moderate, prevent, put a stop to, recede, reduce, restrain, restrict, shrink, stop, subside, temperate, terminate, vanish, wane, ...
abate stretch marks, scars, blemishes, acne & acne scars, quickly and naturally!

Natural skin care products for scars, acne, acne scar treatment, stretch marks removal, oily & dry skin, aging skin care and more...

Blemish free complexion with a breakthrough natural skincare "solution"

We offer a unique natural skincare cream, gel or serum for every skin concern you may be grappling with.

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Visible Anti-Aging Results

● Within a few weeks the texture of the skin will begin to become smoother and more supple;
● With continued use, the skin will become firmer, more resilient, and facial contours will appear tighter and more defined and younger-looking;
● Deeper lines will appear far less pronounced and imperfections will start to fade away;
● Color of skin will become more even;
● Skin will appear noticeably younger and healthier.

Scientific Validation: The reason it works so well for human skin has been thoroughly researched and its skin regeneration properties have been validated by independent scientists.

Clinical Trials have confirmed its anti-wrinkle and skin firming efficacy in the treatment of prematurely aged skin or skin affected by photoaging.

Clinicals have also proven its superior efficacy in the prevention and treatment of damage to the skin that occurs as a consequence of treating skin cancer with radio therapy.

Skin Treatment Products

Results are cumulative and best with continued use twice a day every day for a period of 2 months.


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Airless Pump Bottle $59



50 g (1.76 oz) = $59
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acne cream for stubborn acne

Made in the USA. One Month Supply
50 grams = 1.76 oz
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jar = $79.0



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120 g (4 oz) = $79.98


Skin Care Products
Are Advertised Everywhere but is the Qualifier "natural" Deserved?


Mother Nature's Healing Powers - Natural Products As Alternative Health Care Solutions Or Healing Agents

For thousands of years people all over the world have used extracts from plants, frog skin, snail skin and mucus and other animals to promote healing of cutaneous wounds, burns and infectious diseases.

Biochemical analysis of the substance we use in our products shows it contains complex glycoconjugate molecules made mainly of sulfated sugar or carbohydrate chains (sugar= glyco), globular soluble proteins, uronic acids and oligoelements ( copper, zinc, calcium and iron ).

The major organic (i.e. carbon-containing) components of human cells are proteins, lipids, various carbohydrates and carbohydrate-containing molecules, and the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). The carbohydrate-containing molecules can be quite complex; those in which carbohydrates are attached to proteins or lipids are called glycoconjugates. There are three major classes of glycoconjugates: glycoproteins, proteoglycans, and glycolipids.

Glyco means "sweet" and refers to monosaccharides, or sugars. The role of carbohydrates (sugars) in energy production has been long understood. However, their additional, crucial role in orchestrating the healthy structure and function of the body is a relatively new discovery that is the subject of a new bourgeoning field of science called the “ sweet science of glycobiology ”.

Published Research on the Properties of the Biological Ingredient in BIOCUTIS Skin Care Products

1. Molecular Basis for the Regenerative Properties of a Secretion of the Mollusk Cryptomphalus Aspersa. Skin Pharmacology and Physiology 2008; 21:15-22 Link: Skin Regeneration Properties of Mollusk Secretion Copyright © 2007 S. Karger AG, Basel

A screen for natural products bearing pharmacological properties has yielded a secretion of the mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa (also more widely known by zoologists as Helix Aspersa Müller), which possesses skin-regenerative properties. In this report, some of the cellular and molecular effects underlying this observation are outlined.

First, the secretion has antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione-S-transferase (GST) activities as well as multiple modes of antioxidant action, acting at the level of free radical production and also sequestering free radicals. In addition, it stimulates fibroblast proliferation and rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton.

Additional mechanisms involved in the regenerative effect of the secretion include the stimulation of extracellular matrix assembly and the action of regulatory proteins known as Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinases (TIMPs) responsible for the reversible inhibition of metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymatic activities, which limits the extent of the damage during wounding and scar formation and attenuates the signs of aging by reducing the degenerative effects of excessive MMP activity.

Together, these effects provide an array of molecular mechanisms underlying the secretion's induced cellular regeneration and supports its use in skin regeneration treatments.

2. Evaluation of the Anti-Wrinkle and Reaffirming Efficacy of a Cryptomphalus Aspersa-Based Product in the Treatment of Skin Photoaging . M.J. Tribó, E. Serra-Baldrich, M. Asin, J.A. Camarasa. Dermatología & Cosmética, March (vol IX), 1999. 2004 briefing in Spanish: Photoaging

The study focused on five aspects of skin aging due to excessive sun exposure. The 5 areas were a cream formulated with the snail serum was applied to the face of 32 individuals who showed signs of facial photoaging for an eight-week period on a continuous basis. The subjects were evaluated at 2, 4 and 8 weeks of treatment using a clinical evaluation method and the results were correlated with those seen with the use of instrumental techniques. Subjects also kept a subjective journal of their own observations and feelings towards the product which were evaluated at the end of the study.

The results of the study were very positive, affirming the snail serum as a true treatment in the fight against photoaging. Both according to the measurements taken by the instruments and image analysis programs, wrinkle depth is substantially aided by the product. Hydration is significantly improved due to the moisture retaining ability the serum imparts to skin.

Not only were the results processed by the instruments used to measure them positive, the subjects all had positive visual results, according to their journal entries. All study participants were happy with the topical treatment of photoaging in the study.

Firmness, elasticity, and all the other side effects of excessive sun exposure were improved using the product with snail serum as a topical agent. Users' subjective comments indicate considerable comfort and satisfaction with the results of the experience.

Comments: the study was done in 1999 with the snail serum as part of a base cream that is different than the ingredients we use in BIOCUTIS products which allow for a deeper penetration of the serum into the skin and its proper release within the target cells.

The clinical efficacy of a cosmetic product is rarely confirmed by histological and immunohistochemical analyses. Our in-vivo studies with 15 women aged 35-65 of Fitzpatrick skin types II and III confirm that treatment with the snail serum leads to significant subjective (clinical signs and satisfaction) and objective (profilometry) improvements in cutaneous photoaging, confirmed by the improvement of subjects histopathological condition.

3. Biochemical and Pharmacological Mechanisms Related to the Activity of Cryptomphalus Aspersa in Radiodermatitis. A. Brieva, A. Guerrero, J.P. Pivel. Dermatología & Cosmética, 2001. Investigations on CAS antioxidant activity: superoxide dismutase (SOD), conjugated enzymes such as glutathione-S-transferase (GSH-T), and low molecular weight antioxidants.

SOD is a key enzyme during inactivation of the superoxide anion (O2 ) radical and hydrogen peroxide (H 2 O2 ), whereas GST is a typical phase 2 enzyme responsible for detoxification of both ROS and electrophilic xenobiotics. The antioxidant activities of the secretion can inhibit or impair the proliferation of free radicals which can stop the domino effect of spreading cellular reactions.

The snail secretion also possesses the ability to improve fibroblast growth in the skin which aids in healing. Collagen and elastin fibers are generated in order to repair damaged skin and restore natural function after exposure to radiation.

The study also shows, without doubt, the presence of Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGB) like activity with a cell protection function. The secretion improves cellular function and the natural regenerative processes, making skin healthier and stronger. At the same time, the degradation of damaged proteins brought about by the enzymes in the secretion offers an additional way to protect the skin from inflammatory agents.

Moisture holding molecules in the secretion return skin moisture, comforting dry skin brought on by radiation.

Comment: Exposure to radiation during radiotherapy for breast cancer treatment causes dermatitis, inflammation and other side effects to the areas of skin treated, and those are effectively relieved with BIOSKINCARE CREAM.

4. A Natural Adaptogen for the Skin. A. Brieva, A. Guerrero, J.P. Pivel. Dermatología & Cosmética, 1998. Detailed description of two of the main biological properties of CAS: its capacity to stimulate the proliferation of human and murine fibroblasts, particularly those with very low baseline proliferative activity, and the stimulation of collagenase activity.

5. Antioxidant defenses and animal adaptation to oxygen availability during environmental stress Marcelo Hermes-Lima a, Janet M. Storey 2 and Kenneth B. Storey b
aOxyradical Research Group, Departamento de Biologia Celular, Universidade de Brasília, Brasília, DF 70910-900, Brazil b Institute of Biochemistry, College of Natural Sciences, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6, Canada.

The roles of enzymatic antioxidant defenses in the natural tolerance of environmental stresses that impose changes in oxygen availability and oxygen consumption on animals is discussed with a particular focus on the biochemistry of estivation and metabolic depression in pulmonate land snails. Despite reduced oxygen consumption and PO2 during estivation, which should also mean reduced production of oxyradicals, the activities of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase and catalase, increased in 30 day-estivating snails. This appears to be an adaptation that allows the snails to deal with oxidative stress that takes place during arousal when PO2 and oxygen consumption rise rapidly.

Free Radical Scavenger
Free radical scavengers are beneficial compounds which are essential to healthy skin and to life itself. They are found in every living cell of the body.

Free radical scavengers are also called antioxidants or antioxidant vitamins. They prevent the "rusting" or oxidative damage to the cells of the body promoting good health, and are therefore used in both nutrition and in cosmetic products.

Free radical scavengers are potent antioxidant compounds that have the ability to donate one of the numerous electrons in their outer atomic shell to a free radical. A free radical is an atom or molecule with an unpaired electron. A free radical scavenger donates an electron to allow the free radical to become balanced and stable.

A free radical is in a hazardous, unnatural and unstable state, because electrons normally come in pairs. This odd, unpaired electron in a free radical causes the free radical to collide with other molecules so it can steal an electron from them in its quest to become electrically balanced.

This changes the structure of the other molecule which is damaged by its collision with the free radical and causes it to also become a free radical. This can create a chain reaction, in which the structure of millions of molecules is affected in a matter of nanoseconds.

When the molecules that a free radical collides with are in the cells of our body or in our tissues, this wreaks havoc with our DNA, protein molecules, enzymes, and the cells themselves. This damage is theoretically the cause of degenerative disease and the aging process itself.

Treatment Products