100 % All Natural Acne Scar Treatment Product for Ice-Pick and Raised Acne Scars
Acne Scar Treatment - Acne Scar Removal
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100 % All Natural Acne Scar Treatment With BIOCUTIS® Products

Bioactive Ingredients in BIOCUTIS® natural acne scars treatment and skin care products work by:

● Enzyme digestion or dissolution of damaged tissues including all forms of acne scars

● Using the amino acid components of the digested tissues to create new cellular growth and connective tissues in the affected area

● Improving communication between the cells of the immune system during inflammatory responses to save healthy tissues from destruction and prevent scars

● Scavenging free radicals formed during the healing process with powerful antioxidants

● Triggering the regeneration of skin's connective tissues (collagen, elastin, fibrin). This rejuvenates skin and eliminates most of the loss of tissues seen in acne scarring

The most common type of acne scar is often referred to as an “ice-pick” scar. This is because ice-pick scars are small indentations (often in the cheeks) with jagged edges and steep sides—similar to the marks made by an ice pick.

Those acne scars are caused by our own immune system inflammed by signals of injury to the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts in the hair follicles. Yes, it is the chemicals released by inflammation that cause further damage and loss of tissues before our immune system heals the area.

And this damage is done as a side effect of its attempt to get rid of hardened sebum or sebum mixed with dead cells blocking the pores, and to get rid of the bacteria that has proliferated in clogged pores when they suddenly find themselves with an environment without oxygen.

What is the best acne scar treatment?

The answer used to depend on what your specific scar type was. People for years have been undergoing procedures based on causing a controlled injury to the area with a scar so that the immune system reacts to repair the area in a way that the new scar formed will be minimal compared to the current scar. Problem is damaging yourself causes serious side effects that may leave skin in worse shape then before the procedure.

Thanks to the discovery of a new biological skin care solution, BIOCUTIS® products powered by an immune serum is the leading treatment for acne scars.

Inflammation, redness, and even infection can plague some more common ways to treat acne scars. Do you want to have your scars sanded off with a machine or removed with a laser? Popular acne scar treatments can remove left over marks and damaged tissues but they come at a price.

Chafing, peeling, and redness are some of the most common side effects when discussing dermabrasion, chemical peels, and surgical procedures like skin grafting. Now, that’s scary.      
Chemical peels are a popular method of acne scars treatment. This procedure is normally used for post inflammatory redness and involves using a strong, synthetic chemical that saturates into the affected areas, peeling of the outermost microns of the skin and subsequently giving rise to the new layer of skin that is beneath. When the layer of chemicals is removed, new, fresh skin cells are exposed.

The idea behind this acne scarring treatment is that old, damaged tissues and scars are replaced by new cells, as if yuor skin was made like onions are. The negative aspect is that human skin does not always react positively to harsh chemicals. While none of the ingredients are overtly dangerous, your skin can be marked by redness, irritation and in some cases, hyperpigmentation (dark spots of melanin deposition).

Post inflammatory acne scarring can affect tissues deep under the superficial layers. Since chemical peels take only the top few layers off, bigger or deeper scars can take quite a few treatments.  

Dermabrasion is an acne scar treatment that uses a little machine resembling a belt sander to remove the top layers of skin. Using the machine, damaged skin is physically abraded, removing scars and giving rise to the layer of skin below the damage and thus a more natural look.

Dermabrasion is not the most gentle facial acne scar treatment nor is it the preferred treatment for depressed acne scars. The rotating wheel can be tough mentally to deal with since it comes in such close proximity to your face, plus many times you will require a local anesthetic to help ease the pain.

There is nothing about dermabrasion that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin so that makes it useless against submerged acne scars.

If that weren’t enough reason to look for another acne scar treatment, on average a month to 6 weeks of recovery time is needed for complete healing.
If you are looking for an over the counter acne scar treatment, your options are pretty limited. Lots of women become addicted to makeup and concealers since they help cover up scars and give confidence.

Acne scaring treatments and creams claim to be the best on the market but the reality is that most just can’t live up to their extravagant promises.  

The Best Acne Scar Treatment

BIOCUTIS® line of natural skin care products includes two products that are the most advanced topical acne scars treatment on the market. They are both effective and gentle and contain a biological ingredient full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, protein enzymes that dissolve damaged tissues, and peptides that trigger skin regeneration.

A naturally occurring skin serum in BIOCUTIS® skin products saturates deep into the skin and promotes cellular turnover.

Damaged tissues and acne scars are diffused into their own amino acid components and released back into the body as the basis of new cellular growth.

Improved exchange between cells promotes proliferation of new connective tissues which improves collagen and elastin levels in the skin. BIOSKINCARE (for new acne scars) and BIOSKINEXFOL (for old acne scars) will fuse with your skin cells and stimulate the production of fibroblasts, the cells in the basal layer of the skin that act as stem cells and also provide the structural framework for your skin.

So not only will it dissolve existing post inflammatory scars but it will also fill in depressed scarring. What other kind of acne scar treatment do you need?

An acne scarring treatment is dependent on diffusing the existing collagen buildups and remodeling new healthy cellular growth in the area. Now that is exactly what BIOSKINCARE and BIOSKINEXFOL with the same cream base and added microcrystal for physical microdermabrasion of the outer layer, do. New skin cells and tissues are flushed in and replace the damaged cells and damaged conncetive tissues, resulting in renewed skin because of an effective biological acne scar treatment.

BIOCUTIS® serum 'digests' damaged tissues and boosts renewal and healthy skin rebuilding. You can treat acne scars biologically with something as simple as topical application of a natural skin care product.

Acne scars and ice pick scars in your cheeks are painful blemishes, both physically and emotionally. They have the power to affect someone’s self confidence and social habits. People burdened with acne scars now can treat damaged tissues with BIOCUTIS® skin products.

The all natural ingredients in BIOCUTIS® acne scar treatment products work biologically with your own skin to rejuvenate and refresh areas of damage and scars.

With regular application of the acne scar treatment, your acne scarring problems will slowly, but surely, diminish in size and nature. Your skin will naturally rejuvenate itself from the inside out to the point where you can move on with your life and forget those ugly, painful blemishes.

When looking for a treatment for acne scars, BIOSKINCARE or BIOSKINEXFOL is the best option.

BIOCUTIS® SERUM works for acne scar treatment by:

  • Digesting damaged tissues with biological enzymes that release their amino acid components. The amino acids are vital in the renewal of the damaged site to yield flawless skin. When you eliminate the dead cells and scarring, you will lessen the red appearance of acne scars.
  • Fusing with skin cells and renewing the remodeling capability of skin affected by acne scars
  • Promoting fibroblast synthesis. Fibroblasts proliferation gives rise to new collagen and elastin fibers which are the most basic of all the connective tissues of the skin. This is a vital action in wound healing and it the only way to treat acne scarring.
  • Improving the production of natural antimicrobial peptides. Bacteria and microbes breed on the skin and infect healthy skin cells, giving rise to inflammation and thus that reddish hue appearance to acne scars. Killing the bacteria and microbes before they have the opportunity to infect cells is a way of preventing acne scars before the fact.

With the use of BIOSKINCARE Cream or BIOSKINEXFOL Cream (with microcrystals for physical exfoliation of rough and old acne scars) as an acne scar treatment, acne scars are gently digested and eventually completely eliminated.

Last modified: February 3, 2012.

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