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Severe Dry Skin - Biological Skin Lotion-Cream

Severe dry skin is caused by a low level of sebum production. Sebum is naturally occurring oil that your body produces in order to keep your skin moisturized, too little sebum causes dry skin, over productions cause disorders like acne.

Dry skin can come in many different forms, sometimes all you need is just a simple application of lotion, where in more severe cases dry skin can lead to other issues such as dermatitis and eczema. For all types of dry and irritated skin there is one treatment to work for all and that is BIOSKINCARE cream.

Dry skin is caused by a low level of sebum production. Sebum is naturally occurring oil that your body produces in order to keep your skin moisturized, too little sebum causes dry skin, over productions cause disorders like acne. Dry skin has a parched appearance usually feeling tight and uncomfortable after washing unless a moisturizer or skin cream is applied.

Cracking and chapping are signs of dry and dehydrated skin. Certain climates and environmental conditions can cause and further worsen dry skin, such conditions include: extreme wind, rapid temperature changes, and air conditioning. Dry skin is tightly pulled over your bones, appearing dull especially on your cheeks, and around the eyes.

Severe Dry Skin Causes

Genetics- If your parents had severe skin conditions, like dry skin then this could be the cause of your chapped and cracking skin.

Poor Diet- Nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and water can cause dry skin.

Environment- Over exposure of sun, wind, cold, and chemicals can cause dry skin.

Sebum- when the oil glands aren't producing enough natural lubrication to hydrate your skin causing dryness.

Winter exposure- Living in a climate that is always cold or that has severe winters can cause dry skin, and also worsen conditions such as dermatitis.

Medicine- Certain medications can cause dry skin such as strong anti-biotics, hormones, allergy medications, and depression medications.

There are several ways of preventing dry skin and also causing it from further worsening. Avoiding the use of tap water to clean the affected area, the deposits from the water are very drying on the skin. Don't use any rough wash cloths to cleanse your skin because it could cause further irritation. Dry skin needs plenty of gentle cleansing, a regular stimulating massage of generous amounts of oils and moisturizers, such as BIOSKINCARE cream. Using a moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of your skin, giving it a soft moist glow.

Many facial cleansers can also cause patches of dry skin or a dermatitis flare up. Using non-scented non-detergent neutral-pH products to cleanse your skin can help prevent dry areas from occurring. Following your bath or shower lightly dry your skin leaving it somewhat moist and apply BIOSKINCARE cream. Be generous with the cream around your eyes and cheek areas.

There are several home remedies that you can do to also help sooth and heal dry chapped skin. Taking a milk bath once a week helps to sooth and nourishes your skin. Warm your bath water and put a couple of scoops of powdered milk, a couple drops of almond oil and a few drops of your favorite perfume or bath oils. Just lay back relax and let the milk soak your skin and nourish it. After bathing apply BIOSKINCARE cream to the dry skin areas, this will further enhance the healing process.

Keeping a humidifier in your room at night or a pan of boiling water in the house can put moisture in the air. This is good for colder climates because there is less moisture. Stay out of over heated rooms, avoid sudden temperature changes, and protect yourself from the wind and cold environments. When in the sun also use a SPF moisturizer and keep your skin covered either with a hat or scarf.

Once a week you should exfoliate your skin with a facial mask, this helps to remove dull, dry surface skin. Use a natural face mask and not one that contains bleaching and harsh chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or alcohol. .

You can also give yourself a homemade facial, boil water, and dump it into a bowl or pot. Then add a few drops of your favorite oils such a lavender, rose hip oil, almond oil etc. Also a couple teaspoons of your favorite dry herbs, like rosemary. Keep your face at a comfortable distance from the water but close enough that the steam penetrates your skin and pores. You can also put a towel over your head and surrounding the pot to keep the steam in. After about 15 minutes, splash your face with cold water and gently pat it dry. Apply BIOSKINCARE cream after your facial for the best moisturizing results.

Many people don't realize but keeping a healthy diet can determine your skin type, and how moisturized your skin is. Considering that your body is made up of 80% water then having less water in your body leads to dry skin.

Help Severe Dry Skin

BIOSKINCARE is a natural substance that can be safely used after cleansing or showering for your dry skin relief. BIOSKINCARE has discovered the best dry skin lotion for excessively dry skin.

The natural biological ingredient in BIOSKINCARE is the result of evolution's beautiful system of trial and error working over millions of years to create a biological solution for a harmless little creature that is exposed nude to sun radiation and to attacks by microorganisms, injures and skin conditions.

A skin-care product is only as good as what it contains and how these ingredients can help your skin function better, or in the vernacular, to act younger. In fact, moisturizers (or any skin-care product claiming to have an effect on severely dry skin) should absolutely contain an elegant mix of antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and intercellular substances as they help skin keep a normal level of hydration, build collagen, reduce skin discolorations, and prevent cellular damage.

The biologically active ingredient in BIOSKINCARE is a natural compound that includes: antioxidants (that also have anti-inflammatory properties), cell-communicating ingredients, exfoliates, skin-lightening ingredients, and intercellular substances (ingredients that mimic skin structure).

Cell-communicating ingredients interact with skin cells via receptor sites or cellular pathways that essentially allow these substances to communicate with a cell to balance or function properly. That is, they instruct the cell to repair itself and act normally by reducing inflammation, encouraging production of healthy skin substances, destroying substances that cause collagen to break down, and balancing the amounts of sebum produced.

Intercellular substances, which are often referred to as "ingredients that mimic skin structure," should be the backbone of every moisturizer. Intercellular substances are those ingredients that exist naturally in skin, and that work to hold skin cells together. A dry environment, sun damage, irritation, inflammation, and environmental extremes can all greatly reduce the presence of these substances in skin. Adding intercellular substances to a moisturizer helps keep the layers of skin whole, resilient, and in good physical shape by providing the materials your skin needs to defend against the environment. Ingredients such as linoleic acid, triglycerides, glycerin, phospholipids, and lecithin, and glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid) are essential for helping skin function normally.

The therapeutic composition, in the form of a topical cream, can be used to treat various types of burns, dermatitis, eczema, diaper rash, and difficult to heal wounds. It can also be used to prevent skin cancer and radio dermatitis. The cosmetic composition can be used as hand and face creams, an anti-wrinkle cream, a sunscreen cream, a moisturizing lotion, and a deodorant.

With the application of BIOSKINCARE cream you no longer have to deal with severely dry skin. Follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and apply this wonderful cream provided by nature for the best dry skin treatment.

Last Modified: November 25, 2008

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What Others Say About Dry Skin?

This is my second time to purchase your incredible cream! I have been extremely happy with the results thus far. My skin's texture has improved tremendously. My pores have all but vanished and the scarring I had has dramatically improved. Thanks so much!!!
Tina Doomes. AI, US.

This is my second order. I was so happy to find a product that truly works. I had a couple bad acne spots on my cheeks and chin that would never clear up. I started using this cream and within a few days I noticed the acne was not coming back. I have been using the cream for at least a month now and I will say my cheeks have never looked this good in about a year. The dark sports are quite a bit lighter also. No more red spots either on my chin. This truly is a terrific product. I have tried everything to clear up these problem spots. Now all I do is use the glycolic cleanser to clean my face and then apply the cream. After it absorbs into my skin (it is not greasy) I start feeling my skin is truly moisturized. THANK YOU!!!!
Lina Dimassi, Australia

This has worked the best for my son's acne & scarring. I like it as a night cream also. This is our 2nd order.
Thanks, Juliann Cloyd, SD, USA.


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