Scar Removal with Enzymes and Skin Regeneration Activators

Scar Removal with Natural Skin Care Cream. Topical application of the cream on skin wounds and scars has shown to dissolve scar tissues, decrease excess dermal fibroblast proliferation, and prevent and reduce keloid and hyperthropic scars.

Scars and the Skin Repair Mechanisms: the elimination or fading of scars, lesions, and stretch marks from the skin depends on a process called "skin remodeling". The skin is meant to repair wounds rapidly to avoid blood loss and infection. Scars are crafted from a rapidly formed "collagen glue" that the body brings into an damaged area for defense and strength. In ideal skin healing, damaged skin is rapidly closed, and then the healed area is slowly repaired to remove the remaining collagen scars and blend the skin area into nearby skin...

BIOSKINCARE's main component is the natural secretions from a land snail (Helix Aspersa Muller), the same they use to quickly repair their own skin and shell when damaged. It is a viscose liquid that is made into an odorless white cream with no alien or synthetic chemicals.

What is unique about the proteins and glycosaminoglycans (complex sugar structures) in the snail secretions is their high bio-availability and signaling function, which allows them to minimize scar tissues as well as dissolving existing scars. Topical application of the cream on skin wounds and scars has shown to decrease dermal fibroblast proliferation, and prevent and reduce keloid and hyperthropic scars.

Unlike harsh chemicals and physical processing typically used to produce protein supplements, which unfortunately denatures (destroys) the natural configuration of proteins yielding something that is not completely absorbed and utilized by the human body.

The topical application of BIOSKINCARE on your skin is also a potent message to your body. It will know it is being properly taken care off, so it will not need to over-react forming those abnormal thick scar tissues.

Get rid of scars, stretch marks and all types of skin blemishes, while moisturizing, protecting, repairing and renewing your skin with BIOSKINCARE

Scar removal is achieved because scar tissues are dissolved by the action of enzymes which reduce them to their component aminoacids. Those aminoacids are then available for the reproduction of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are responsible for the production of new connective tissues and glycosaminoglycans -the molecules that deeply moisturize, firm skin and give it strenght and capacity to withstand over-stretching. The cream also replenishes the lipid barrier of the skin and triggers the regeneration of damaged cells while preventing and removing acne scars, keratosis, psoriasis scales and all types of scars and skin blemishes.


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Ultra Exfoliate Your Skin with BIOSKINEXFOL

A home microdermabrasion cream with high quality micro-crystals, the same professionals use to breakdown hard, rough and old scar tissues, and allow for a deeper penetration of our exclusive all natural skin moisturizing and regeneration complex contained in the microdermabrasion cream. For ice-pick acne scars and for old and rough scars and actinic keratosis scales. Not for keloids.


Microdermabrasion Benefits

Made in the USA. Two to Three Month's supply 120 grams = 4.23 oz

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Bio Body Cream for Scars and Stretch Marks - not for use on the face

Recommended for the treatment of stretch marks, scars, and back and chest acne. It is not recommended for facial application because it contains a higher content of our biological active ingredient, Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates than do BIOSKINCARE or BIOSKINCLEAR. This difference results in a thicker cream that leaves behind a thin protective film on the applied area. This thicker consistency is beneficial for occluding the area and keeping in moisture for a longer period of time, making the cream more effective in dissolving scars. However, its one disadvantage is that it is incompatible with make-up and may leave a thin milky looking film on your face that will quickly flake-off creating an unappealing effect.


Bio Body Cream for Body Scars & Stretch Marks - Benefits

120 gram = 4 oz Bottle: $79.98

Body Cream for Body Scars and Stretch Mark Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Scar Removal with BIOSKINCARE

Most unsightly scars can be removed or treated by cosmetic lasers, peeling or 'polishing' techniques, with a good home microdermabrasion cream, or with a cream with ingredients that activate skin renewal and encourages tissue healing. Bioskincare can be used on fresh stitches to begin scar treatment immediately, as it supports a scarless healing path...

Heal Burn Scars With Topical Application of a Biological Skin Revival Treatment

Skin burns can cause serious traumas, both physically and mentally. Have superficial burn scars considerably transformed your attitude and way of life? Do you flashback to the fateful moment when you look at the scar? Do you wish to move on with your life and forget that awful moment? Burn scars are often more than just skin deep. Why not at least do something about the superficial scarring and start healing emotionally? The scar cream we will review here can't eliminate painful memories but it can treat skin...

Heal Burn Scars with a Scar Cream Developed with a Natural Renewal Activator

Burns can leave injuries that are a lot more than skin deep. A burn scar is a sign of the huge trauma that burn sufferers go through in that fateful moment. Years ago it was believed that burns were for a lifetime but due directly to advances in science and biotechnology, scar sufferers can treat skin burns and put the intense trauma behind them and move on with their lives with fresh, clean skin...

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Ice Pick Scars and Other Lasting Marks Left by Acne Can be Filled in by Restoring the Natural Regenerative Processes of your Skin

You don't have to go to doctor's offices anymore in order to rejuvenate your appearance. A new choice happens to exist for curing acne scars that is completely natural and safe for everyone. Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates is a compound that contains complex molecules and natural enzymes that pervade deep into the skin and diminish acne scars from the inside. We can now remove scars in front of our own home mirrors using this natural skin care ingredient...

Natural Glycoconjugates: A New Frontier in Zits Removal & Scarring Treatment

Advancements in science and biological understanding have led to significant improvements in skin treatment. Topical chemicals and soaps are no longer the answer to pimples. Glycoconjugates are natural molecules that improve cell to cell communication. Regulating the natural response of the body to outside agents can control acne inflammation without the chemical side effects...

Eliminate Stretch Marks, Deep Scars in The Dermis, by Expanding Fibroblast Proliferation in the Basal Skin Layer

Last modified: February 23, 2009

I love your product. I see a great improvement on my burn scars of 35 years ago (2nd/3rd degree burn scars on left upper arm) using your product for over two months now. My scars have a smoother appearance. It has not completely gone away but it certainly looks better. I have also used your product for an open wound (size of a pencil eraser) on a black mole removed by my doctor. The stitches tore open. This product healed my wound faster than it would with an OTC prescription. I am allergic to Neosporin that made it worse. I'll continue to use the product. Thank you so much!
Mary Santos. CA, USA

Remove Scars from Face

Removing Scarring

Scarless Repair

Heal Burn Scars with a Scar Cream with a Natural Renewal Activator

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